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FREE: MFW Exploring Countries & Cultures (My Father's World)

I am sure you have heard of My Father's World and have also heard rave reviews of it, too. The reviews are right. We have used MFW for two years in the past and it is a great homeschool program. However, the price is very high.  We used the ECC (Exploring Countries and Cultures) and the Adventures In US History. Both cover geography and a multitude of other material.

Today I found a free version of it. It is not exactly the same, but pretty much it is. The cool thing is that it is much BETTER than the ecc everyone has heard about. And because it is free curriculum, you cannot lose!

Personally, I would add higher level resources for older students in middle school or high school. MFW has written their version to be for grades 2-8. (I think grades 7 and 8 would be a serious stretch for their program because it is so "light".)
Good news! Your library is an excellent resource. Don't forget Ebay, HomeschoolClassifieds, Vegsource, Project Gutenberg, and a really awesome place is Exodus Books.

The gal who wrote this great free program calls it "Countries & Cultures Of The World".
- FREE: Country & Cultures curriculum 


Country and Cultures Lapbook

For information about lapbooking and links to more freebies, please visit Jimmie's excellent Squidoo lens!
Pretend printable passport Pretend printable passport
This printable passport has 3 PDF pages: a cover, an inner page spread with eagle graphic (like the real thing!) and room for your "personal" information as well as an inner blank page spread for your country "stamps".
Lapbook printable - prayer needs Prayer needs / Religion
This lapbook printable features folding hands and a boy in prayer. Write the prayer needs of your country inside or use the space to write about local religion(s).
lapbook booklet
Booklet cover

Booklet page 1: per capita income, jobs and responsibilities for men/boys and women/girls

Booklet page 2: time zones, famous landmarks

Booklet page 3: wild animals, pets, crops and plants

Booklet page 4: lined page for narration
Handwriting Without Tears Style
Wide Rule Style

The lapbook booklet has a current total of 5 pages. Staple the pages together and place it on a large space in your lapbook or place it in a binder pocket. You can run off extra copies of the narration page.
flag matchbook Flag matchbook
Create a flag matchbook with a lined interior for writing down facts about the flag, a country's anthem or other interesting information.
Highest point flap book Highest point flapbook
This flap book features a bar graph showing off the tallest mountains from each continent. There is room at the end for your student to enter in the information about the highest point of the country you are studying. There is also a cover graphic.
lapbook menu lapbook menu page 2
Shutterfold menu
This 2 page lapbook printable features a fold open menu. Inside there is room to write what people in a country would eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
lapbook - names Popular names booklet
Use this 3 page mini-book to write down the popular boy and girl names from the country you are studying.
lapbook - traditional clothing Traditional clothing figures & pocket
I've created 2 blank person figures for students to draw and color in traditional clothing and/or features onto. Once the people are finished, there is a pocket to make for them to go into.
lapbook postcard
Postcard & pocket
Have your students make a postcard and combine an art project with a bit of writing too! After you are done, place it in the "You've got mail" pocket.
lapbook - resources Hexagon resources
This hexagon accordion book has room to write the different types of natural resources: things that grow, animals raised for food and minerals. There is a cover graphic of an ore cart to cut & paste.
lapbook - statistics People statistics
This triangle flap book has a cover graphic as well as areas to write in information about population, average amount of children per family, life expectancy, etc.
lapbook temperature booklet Temperature booklet
Cut out these blank thermometers and make a little booklet that tells the average temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit for spring, summer, fall and winter.
lapbook timeline Accordion timeline
Use this accordion timeline to record important or interesting events about the country you are studying.
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Free World U: (Pre-school – Medical School)
This site offers “flash cards” for all grades in all subjects. I prefer to call them lessons, because that’s what they are. I love that they include character building, health and wellness, and manners in their subject line-up! Homeschoolers will love this!

From their website:
"nonprofit online school offering our students a complete preschool through 12th grade curriculum. Our proven program is supported by research that shows that children can learn faster and enjoy learning more using our methods. The curriculum is taught via flashcards that break subjects down into small, easily assimilated fact units. The flashcards are presented through a program that remembers what each student has learned and what he or she needs to keep working on."


prek k4 k5 k
1 2 3 4 5 6 elementary
7 8 middle school junior high
9 10 11 12 high school
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FREE - Books of the Bible Lapbook Game

This is a file folder game or lapbook game to learn the books of the Bible. 

It includes 84 Bible trivia questions (easy and medium levels) and blank cards to make your own questions. 

Availble to download and assemble.

How to Play

Player move around the board from Genesis to Revelation.
84 Bible Trivia Questions come in Easy and Medium Levels

Robin's boys playing the first draft

Players learn the 66 books of the Bible and the 10 divisions without knowing they are learning.

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US History: Founding Fathers, Historical Documents, Elections, Constitution, more

American History: Founding Fathers, Historical Documents, Elections, Constitution, more

The Federalist Papers Online

One of the most important works on political theory ever written. Check out this very readable online edition.
James Madison Founding Fathers postcardAlexander Hamilton Founding Fathers postcardJohn Jay Founding Fathers postcard
Other founding documents: The Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and other Amendments to the Constitution.

The American Flag

Eight pages of American flag history, plus links to U.S. state flags, flags for sale, flag t-shirts, free U.S. flag clip art, and more.

Don't Tread on Me

Americans across the country are rediscovering the "Don't Tread on Me" slogan. Many are part of the new Tea Party Movement protesting massive government spending and bailouts. What would the founding fathers think of all this? This blog post on the historical context of the 1773 Boston Tea Party is food for thought.

History of the USA

This highly readable e-text includes a Revolutionary War timeline, the causes of the Revolution, the story of the Declaration of Independence, Bunker Hill, Yorktown, and much more.

Founding Father Family Trees and Bios

WikiTree is my new collaborative history project. Participants have started pages for Green Mountain Boy Ethan Allen, giant Virginian Peter Francisco, philosopher-entrepreneur Benjamin Franklin, bold Declaration-signer John Hancock, Federalist John Jay, President Thomas Jefferson, financial wizard Haym Salomon, General Henry Knox, President James Madison, rabble-rouser Thomas Paine, flag seamstress Betsy Ross, and cousin-of-George Lieutenant Colonel William Washington. There are also interesting pages for Founder of the Daughters of the American Revolution founder Flora Adams Darling and anthem-writer Francis Scott Key. Please check out WikiTree. You might be able to contribute something about one of the founding fathers, or you might want to start your own family history.

Founding Fathers Image Gallery

Browse Thomas Jefferson art prints, George Washington posters, founding fathers clip art, early American flag clip art, and more.

Founding Fathers Quotes

Take a look at this collection of over 250 inspiring bits of wisdom and other quotes from our founding fathers


Alexis de Tocqueville Democracy in America
The American Colonist's Library
American Histories
David Ramsay History of the American Revolution
Mercy Otis Warren History of the American Revolution

The American Presidency Project
A Century of Lawmaking
Elliot's Debates
Farrand's Records
Journals of the Continental Congress
Letters of Delegates to Congress
Annals of Congress
Congressional Globe
Congressional Record
Register of Debates
House Journal
Maclay's Journal
Senate Executive Journal
Senate Journal
American State Papers
Bills and Resolutions
Statutes at Large
U.S. Serial Set

Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
State Charters and Constitutions

The Federalist Papers
The Founders' Constitution
Google Books
Google Scholar
Internet Archive
Religion and the Founding of the American Republic from the Library of Congress
Library of Congress Historical Documents



Citizenship Day and Constitution Week

About Constitution Week - What is the background of Constitution Day and Constitution Week? When did it start? Why is it celebrated?

Interactive Constitution Week Coloring Pages - Get out your interactive crayon to color these U.S. Constitution Day coloring pages. Pictures include the branches of government, balance of power, symbols of the United States, history of U.S. Flags, presidents and a study of the Revolutionary War.

Constitution Week Book Reviews - U.S. Constitution book descriptions and reviews for elementary and preschool reading.

Constitution Week Printables - Over 45 printable resources! U.S. Constitution worksheets and printables include word jumbles, word search puzzles and tools and printables to place vocabulary words in alphabetical order. You will also find activities for the Bill of Rights, including numerous cloze worksheets for the original Bill of Rights as well as other amendments.
U.S. Constitution - Transcript to the Constitution of the United States.

U.S. Bill of Rights - Transcript to the U.S. Bill of Rights.
Constitution Day Pinterest Board - Your favorite resources can be repinned to your own boards!
Related Thematic Units
American History - Revolutionary War era - study guides, articles, coloring pages and trivia information on founding fathers.
Presidents of the U.S. - Resources include coloring pages, maps, trivia and facts, political party lists, vice president information, cloze worksheets, word searches, word jumbles, vocabulary worksheets, interactive games, poetry, short stories and more!
Election Day
U.S. States - Activities include state maps, state quarters, state birds, state flowers, state flags and facts and trivia for each state in the Union. Vocabulary worksheets help with student research and classroom discussion.
History of U.S. Flags and Symbols of the United States
View the September 2012 Teaching Calendar
Many printables and teaching resources:


United States of America history and government


Benjamin Franklin Autobiography
Benjamin Franklin Papers
Benjamin Rush Essays
George Washington Addresses and Proclamations
George Washington Papers
George Washington Writings
James Madison Notes on Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 and Addresses
James Madison Papers
James Wilson Works
John Adams Family Papers
John Adams Papers and Addresses
John Dickinson Political Writings
John Jay Papers
John Quincy Adams Diaries
Notes in the Federal Convention of 1787

Notes of Alexander Hamilton
Papers of James McHenry on the Federal Convention
Notes of Robert Yates
Notes of Rufus King
Notes of William Patterson
Notes of William Pierce
Thomas Jefferson Papers
Thomas Jefferson Works and Addresses
Online Library Collections of Writings and Papers
Hathi Trust Digital Library
Alexander Hamilton Works
Benjamin Franklin Memoirs and Writings
Charles Thomson Life
Daniel Webster Private Correspondence
Daniel Webster Works
Daniel Webster Writings and Speechess
DeWitt Clinton Memoir
Elias Boudinot Life, Public Services, and Speeches
George Clinton Papers
Gouverneur Morris Life
James Kent Memoirs
James Kent Commentaries on American Law
John Hancock: His Book
John Jay Life
John Witherspoon Works
John Quincy Adams Memoirs
Noah Webster Bible
Noah Webster History of the United States
Noah Webster Letters to a Young Gentleman
Noah Webster Papers
Patrick Henry Life
Richard Henry Lee Letters
Richard Henry Lee Memoir
Samuel Adams Writings
Thomas Jefferson Memoirs
Thomas Jefferson Writings

Internet Archive
Charles Carroll of Carrollton Life
Vol. I
Vol. II
Elbridge Gerry Life
Vol. I
Vol. II
Fisher Ames Works
George Mason Life
Vol. I
Vol. II
James Wilson and Thomas McKean Constitution Commentaries
Joseph Story Commentaries on the Constitution
Vol. I
Vol. II
Vol. III
Patrick Henry Life
Vol. I
Vol. II
Vol. III

Online Library of Liberty
Alexander Hamilton Works
Gouverneur Morris Diaries
James Madison Writings
John Adams Works
John Jay Correspondence and Public Papers
Pamphlets on the Constitution
Thomas Jefferson Works
Thomas Paine Writings

Thank you to "Wallbuilders", "Founding Fathers" and "Apples 4 The Teacher"
homeschool homeschooling homeschoolers homeschooler

Cheap Printer Ink

I have bought from a seller on Ebay a couple times and have had good results and scored great prices. If you are interested, you may want to check it out yourself. These are not refills.

Seller user ID: uniq.blues


Basic Homeschool Workshop by Gregg Harris

Basic Homeschool Workshop

by Gregg Harris


(for a limited time only)
This is the workshop that launched the Christian home schooling movements in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia. Over 180,000 families attended The Basic Home Schooling Workshop between 1981 and 1995. It also helped to establish Christian Home School Associations in 35 states and provinces. Now you can listen to this classic presentation on eight MP3 files. [Running Time: 9 hours - File Size: 123.8 MB]

1. Why Home School?
2. The Battle for Your Child
3. Child Training God's Way
4. How to Do a Great Job
5. Delight-Directed Studies
6. The Battle for Your Rights
7. Teaching History in the Home
8. Home School Hazards 

State Study - 13 Colonies Notebooking Pages

FREE this week only!

13 Colonies Notebooking Pages

20 notebooking pages decorated with a 13 Colonies theme to accompany your state studies of the original 13 colonies!

Perfect for studying the United States or early American History and our founding fathers.

Check them out here!

See my previous post for extensive links to study in depth.

Thankfulness - giving thanks

So comes the time of year where we endeavor to reminisce about what the Lord has done for us this last year. We think about the blessings He has laid upon us. As King David laid awake in bed at night, he remembered and recounted the goodness of the Lord in his life:

 On my bed I remember you; I think of you through the watches of the night. Psalm 63:6 

What a wonderful thing to do- to meditate on His faithfulness, His goodness. And a wonderful thing to teach our children to do as well. Not only at night in our beds, but all the day long. (Deut 6:6) In our family we do not celebrate hallow33n or the controversial "harvest parties" that coincide with Oct 31st. If Christian families wanted to celebrate the harvest of the Lord or play dress-up, why on THAT night when there are 364 others? I am not really asking anyone that question, I know that if they really are honest with themselves and God, they will know the answer. But I digress...

However, we DO spend a great deal of time in October and November preparing our hearts for the coming King, which we celebrate in December (although not like you may presume). Much time is spent giving thanks, reflection and in praise before December.

This year in particular, we have a long list of thanks and praise. I personally just had a near miss with death and will be with my family here on earth longer. A couple months ago, my grandmother gave her life to Christ only 3 days before she died. My husband has had a major financial breakthrough at work last week and our list of praises goes on.
Two days ago, I was literally laying in my bed as King David did. I was alone and thinking in the dark and suddenly became overwhelmed at how thankful I am that the Lord has spared my life to stay and serve my immediate family longer. In that moment, I had no thought for myself whatsoever, after all I would have been in Heaven. Nothing bad about Heaven, folks! No loss for me to go- only gain. BUT... my only thoughts were of how my immediate family needed me and I was truly humbled right then and there. Humbled by the honor to be reserved here to continue to serve them.
It was a God moment.
A moment like that is hard to really convey to another person the depths... or rather how deep and wide the implications and understanding you had in that tiny instant. True revelation, I guess you could say. In any case and however you might say, I have been made keenly aware once again how
not even a day is guaranteed to us;
how good through and through the Lord is;
my conviction to press on toward the mark has been rekindled
and also, interestingly and unexpectedly, I saw myself in the mirror in this last couple weeks. I was disappointed in a few things, but I was surprised at how clear and unpolluted my motives were in the rest of my "closet" when the Lord shone His light in there. Maybe that was an additional gift from God. How could that be a gift? Reason why is that, honestly, I doubt myself and my personal walk a lot. I always wonder in the back of my mind somewhere, "Am I really desiring what the Lord wants? Am I selfish in these ambitions? Is my heart truly running after Him?" He has eased my fears of this, at least for now, and at the same time He gently showed me my weak areas to work on. What a good Father He is.

Clearly I have a lot to be thankful for. I know you do too. Won't you make these two months special and tell God how much you love and appreciate Him? Sort of like a romantic anniversary you may have with your husband. Love on Him!

Aside from talking about the Lord all the time and praying and thanking Him, we try to learn more about Him as much as we can. During ThanksGiving we spend extra time on thankfulness and do some crafty things for fun. I'm not really crafty, but these are some neat ones I came across.

Here are some nice printables for this time of ThanksGiving. I printed ours off on some orange construction paper I had trimmed down to the A4 size (common copy paper). This way I could use the black and white option to print and our ink was saved but still had beautiful orange pumpkins. There are several pages. HERE

Our next project is this one from Valerie at "Christian Preschool Printables".

Pumpkin Pocket Craft

Valerie at ChristianPreschoolPrintables is really sweet. She lived and homeschooled in our area and it was a joy to get to know her. She does all that she does for the same reasons I do all that I do here- to serve the homeschool community.

$15 Coupon for FREE from CriticalThinking

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 A rare opportunity from Critical Thinking!

The Critical Thinking Co. offers award-winning PreK-12+ educational books and software. Our children love their products and you will love what the products do for your children! 
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For more than 50 years, the award-winning products from The Critical Thinking Co.™ have helped students of all ages and abilities achieve better grades and higher test scores with highly effective lessons that sharpen the mind as they teach standards-based reading, writing, mathematics, science, and history. The Critical Thinking Co.™ does not use drill and memorization or teach to the tests — they empower the mind! 
Critical Thinking Company 

Geometry - printables, tutorials, worksheets, textbooks, games and more

GRADES: Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School.

Geometry seems to be one of those subjects that either clicks automatically for the student or takes a bit more working it out until it clicks. (Math in general, seems to be that way!)
BUT... I have textbook downloads here for you! I also have videos, printable manipulatives, worksheets, online games and more right here for YOU. FREE.

Let me know you liked these links by commenting!

Tips from my house-
Hands on cubes and pyramids you print out and tape together help. You can create your own from graph paper.
Legos, unifix cubes and Math-U-See blocks can bring about visualization of the math problem or math concepts.
Some people might have sugar cubes on hand.
Don't forget that cans are great cylinders and a tangram set can be great resources.

Geometry Concepts covered here in this post among others: Line, Segment, Ray, Point, Angle, Acute, Scalene, Equilateral, Isosceles, Obtuse, Area, Volume, Solid, Plane, Perimeter, Surface, Polygon, Quadrilateral, Parallelagram, Circle, Cylinder, Prism, Fractal, Cube, Pyramid, Congruent, Symmetry, Parallel, Perpendicular, Trapazoid, Sphere, Coordinate, Axis, Pythagorean Theorem, 2D, 3D.

Printable 3D shapes patterns (a.k.a. Net)
AtoZ Cube
PBS Nova pyramid


All around geometry and worksheets
AtoZ area and perimeter
FunMaths geometry

Online manipulatives (like video games)

Tangram (Not just for the little kids anymore! Check it out!)
GSTboces.org tangram printables all kinds
Tangram activities

Handmade manipulatives

Coolest graph paper ever

Regular graph paper
Graph paper standard

Printable shapes
Math-Salamanders (scroll down)

Geometry Math Formulas
MathaATube formulas on one sheet

Pythagorean Theorem
Math About

Geometry tutorial:

Videos for math concepts, including Geometry:
MathPlayground videos
JediTeacher videos
MathTrain videos
Emarcos videos

Printable game

FunMaths Trig
Sine & Cosine
Sine & Cosine

Geometry Textbook library:

Let me know in the comments if a link is "broken" or changed.

Free books. Whatever you want. No gimmicks.

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

Get your book fix... yes, even homeschool books and the books homeschoolers LOVE for free. Yep, free.
Go check the site out and browse the inventory for yourself. You can start getting books now!

A neat perk is you can also add books you want to your "wish list" that may not be posted currently and when it comes available, you get an email asking you if you would like it. This just happened to me last week. I got a great devotional for teen boys that are committed to changing the world for Jesus.

Click ->
Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

Earn Great stuff for your homeschool & family

I am excited to tell you this one!!
Instead of NOT getting paid when you use Google, wouldn't it be great to GET PAID when you search? Swagbucks will pay you. No brainer! It is not a scam. It's not too good to be true. I, personally, have been using it now as my only search engine. We set it as our opening webpage when we get on the net. I get points when I search for whatever I am looking up info on. Lately for me it has been curriculum shopping, gardening, canning and recipe look ups.

I've earned over $100 and my husband has earned $30- we used at Amazon. I have another $10 I just got within the last few days!!
You can earn points to get free books, free ebooks, free clothes, free Amazon giftcards, free music, free restaurant, free craft supplies, free homeschool curriculum, free groceries, and lots more. Check it out! Come back and tell us all what you bought with your swagbucks!

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Swagbucks for homeschoolers and SAHMs

Search & Win


Bible Class Curriculum - ALL AGES - Elementary Class, Junior High, High School

This is a great website with a ton of free materials on it. They have a page devoted to Bible class for young people aged elementary, middle school and high school. They note that it would be good for homeschool.
Let us know if you use it!

Elementary Class, Middle school, Highschool, Home School

Bible Class Curriculum For Sunday School
by F.L. Booth

F.L. Booth has been a Bible class teacher in the Zion, Illinois congregation for over 40 years. The brethren in Zion have always taken their Bible classes seriously, and as a result, our teachers have written a lot of excellent material for Sunday School and Bible classes. Over the years, F.L. Booth has put together a marvelous Bible class curriculum for our students. In my personal opinion, the material Booth has written is better than anything you can purchase at one of the "brotherhood" bookstores. This Bible class curriculum can be easily adapted for use by any age group from fourth grade through high school. You are welcome to make copies of these books, but you are not allowed to sell them or place them on other Web site. This curriculum is designed to be covered in four years, plus there is one extra quarter of study available.
Old Testament Bible Class Curriculum

The Beginning (Year 1, Quarter 1)
This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: The Creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, the Tower of Babel, the Call of Abram, Abram and Lot, Abram is Promised a Son, Abraham is Visited by Angels, Sodom and Gomorrah, Hagar and Ishmael, and Abraham Offers Isaac (PDF file size: 1.1 MB).

The Patriarchs (Year 1, Quarter 2)
This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau, Jacob Receives Isaac's Blessing, Jacob's Dream, Jacob and Laban, Jacob Meets Esau, Joseph Is Sold, Joseph In Prison, Pharaoh's Dream, Joseph Reveals Himself To His Brothers, and Jacob Moves To Egypt (PDF file size: 1.1 MB).

Moses and the Exodus (Year 1, Quarter 3)
This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: The Birth of Moses, Moses Kills An Egyptian, The Burning Bush, Moses Meets Pharaoh, The Plagues, The Passover, Crossing The Red Sea, Quails And Manna, Water From The Rock, The 10 Commandments, The Golden Calf, The Tabernacle, Nadab And Abihu (PDF file size: 1.5 MB).

Wilderness Wanderings and Conquest of Canaan (Year 1, Quarter 4)
This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: Miriam Becomes Leprous, The Twelve Spies, Rebellion Of Korah, Dathan, And Abiram, Moses Smites The Rock, The Brazen Serpent, Balaam And Balak, Death Of Moses -- Joshua Chosen Leader, Rahab, Israel Crosses The Jordan, The Battle Of Jericho, Defeat At Ai, The Sun And The Moon Stand Still, Land Promise Fulfilled and Joshua's Farewell (PDF file size: 1.3 MB).

The Judges -- The First King (Year 2, Quarter 1)
This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: Ehud's Dagger, Deborah And Barak, An Angel Visits Gideon, Gideon And The Midianites, Jephthah, Samson's Riddle And Revenge, Samson And Delilah, The Story Of Ruth, The Birth Of Samuel, Samuel Hears A Voice, Israel Wants A King, Saul Chosen As King, Saul Disobeys God (PDF file size: 1.2 MB).

The United Kingdom (Year 2, Quarter 2)
This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: David Anointed King, David And Goliath, David And Jonathan, David Finds Saul In A Cave, Saul And The Witch Of Endor, The Death Of Saul -- David Becomes King, Uzzah And The Ark, David And Absalom, Solomon Anointed King, Solomon's Dream, Solomon's Judgment, Solomon's Kingdom -- The Queen Of Sheba, Solomon's Wives -- Ahijah's Prophecy (PDF file size: 1.4 MB).

The Divided Kingdom (Year 2, Quarter 3)
This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: The Division Of The Kingdom, Jeroboam And The Man Of God, Elijah And The Widow Of Zarephath, Elijah And The Prophets Of Baal, Jezebel And Naboth's Vineyard, Elijah And Elisha, The Widow's Oil And The Shunammite Woman, Naaman The Leper, Miracles Performed By Elisha, Joash The Boy King, Hezekiah And Sennacherib, Hezekiah's Life Is Lengthened, Josiah (PDF file size: 1.6MB).

The Prophets and Nehemiah, Esther and Job (Year 2, Quarter 4)
This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: The King Burns Jeremiah's Book, Jeremiah In The Dungeon, Daniel In Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar's Dream, The Fiery Furnace, Belshazzar's Feast, Daniel In The Lion's Den, Jonah And The Great Fish, Nehemiah Rebuilds The Walls, Esther Becomes Queen, Haman's Plot, Esther Saves The Jews, Job (PDF file size: 1.5 MB).

Leaders In Israel (Extra Quarter)
This thirteen lesson Bible class curriculum covers: Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Samuel, David, Elijah, Josiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Esther, Nehemiah (PDF file size: 1.8 MB).
New Testament Bible Class Curriculum

The Birth Of Jesus And The Beginning Of His Ministry (Year 1, Quarter 1)
The Birth of John the Baptist, The Birth of Jesus, Jesus in the Temple, The Baptism of Jesus, The Temptation of Jesus, The Calling of the Apostles, The Sermon on the Mount, The Death of John the Baptist (PDF file size: 1.4 MB).

People Jesus Knew And Taught (Year 1, Quarter 2)
Nicodemus, The Samaritan Woman at the Well, The Transfiguration, The Woman About to be Stoned, The Good Shepherd, The Mission of the Seventy, Mary and Martha, The Rich Man and Lazarus, Jesus Blesses the Children, The Rich Young Ruler, Zacchaeus, Jesus Anointed by Mary, The Widow's Offering (PDF file size: 1.4 MB).

The Miracles Of Jesus (Year 1, Quarter 3)
Miracles of Nature (4 lessons), Miracles of Physical Healing (7 lessons), Miracles of the Resurrection (2 lessons) (PDF file size: 2.4 MB).

The Parables Of Jesus (Year 1, Quarter 4)
Parables of the Kingdom (3 lessons), Parables of Forgiveness, Parables of the Love of One's Neighbor, Parables of Praying, Parables of Self-Righteousness and Humility, Parables of the Cost of Discipleship, Parables of the Invitation of God, Parables of Repentance, Parables of the Importance of Preparing for the Future, Parables of Individual Responsibility (PDF file size: 2.3 MB).

The Final Week (Year 2, Quarter 1)
The final week of our Lord prior to His death. The lessons start with His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, then other lessons discuss the moneychangers, the Day of Controversy, the woes pronounced upon the Pharisees, Judas' plot, the Passover, the Lord's Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter's denial of our Lord, Caiaphas and the Jewish trial, Pilate and the Roman trial, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, post-resurrection appearances, and the Ascension of Christ (PDF file size: 1.9 MB).

The Book Of Acts, Part One (Year 2, Quarter 2)
The Ascension of Jesus and The Selection of Matthias; The Holy Spirit -- Peter's Sermon -- The Church; The Lame Man at the Temple; Peter and John Imprisoned; Ananias and Sapphira; The Apostles Imprisoned; Stephen -- The First Recorded Christian Martyr; Philip and Simon the Sorcerer; Philip and the Ethiopian Nobleman; The Conversion of Saul; The Preaching of Saul; Peter, Aeneas, Tabitha (Dorcas); The Conversion of Cornelius (PDF file size: 1.3 MB).

The Book Of Acts, Part Two (Year 2, Quarter 3)
The Persecution of Herod Agrippa I; Paul's First Journey (Parts I & I); Paul's Second Journey (Parts I, II, & III); Paul's Third Journey (Parts I & I); Paul's Arrest and Defense Before the Jews; Paul Before the Council and The Plot to Kill Paul; Paul Before Felix and Festus; Paul Before Agrippa II; Paul's Journey to Rome. This free booklet includes several charts: The Herod Family; Roman Emperors of the First Century A. D.; and Maps of Paul's Journeys (PDF file size: 2.5MB).

Living The Christian Life (Year 2, Quarter 4)
The final class curriculum book in the series: The Church/Kingdom; The Steps of Salvation; Elements of Worship (five lessons on: Prayer; Singing; Giving; The Lord's Supper; Preaching and Teaching); Love; The Family; The Armor of God; Fruit of the Spirit; Faith; and, The Second Coming of Christ (PDF file size: 1.6MB).



Science Unit Studies - elementary, middle school

MatchCard Science Unit Studies

For a limited time, the MatchCard Science Unit Studies free of charge. This is a full curriculum, and each unit study will take six weeks to complete. Your students will enjoy working with the MatchCards which provide a game-like activity as well as built in review. Parents like the creative but simple teaching ideas on the instructor's pages to demonstrate the concepts. This free homeschool curriculum will provide you with two years of science instruction.

Units in MatchCard Science
There are twelve units in this homeschool science curriculum. These are the "trunks" of the unit study, and each would take between four and eight weeks to complete. The twelve science unit studies are:

Light and Energy


Force and Motion



Human Anatomy





Nutrition, Health, Safety


These twelve unit studies are divided into two volumes: The Blue Volume covers the first six (Light and Energy through Human Anatomy) and the Grey Volume covers the last six units (Chemistry through Technology.) The order of these units corresponds to the Biblical account of creation, with the exception of Human Anatomy.

Who Can Use This
MatchCard Science is designed for students in 3rd to 8th Grade.
Families can use this science unit study for multiple children of different ages studying the same unit. The objectives may be different depending on the student's grade level.


(Elementary, Junior High, middle school, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Bible, Creationist, Creationism)