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FREE: MFW Exploring Countries & Cultures (My Father's World)

I am sure you have heard of My Father's World and have also heard rave reviews of it, too. The reviews are right. We have used MFW for two years in the past and it is a great homeschool program. However, the price is very high.  We used the ECC (Exploring Countries and Cultures) and the Adventures In US History. Both cover geography and a multitude of other material.

Today I found a free version of it. It is not exactly the same, but pretty much it is. The cool thing is that it is much BETTER than the ecc everyone has heard about. And because it is free curriculum, you cannot lose!

Personally, I would add higher level resources for older students in middle school or high school. MFW has written their version to be for grades 2-8. (I think grades 7 and 8 would be a serious stretch for their program because it is so "light".)
Good news! Your library is an excellent resource. Don't forget Ebay, HomeschoolClassifieds, Vegsource, Project Gutenberg, and a really awesome place is Exodus Books.

The gal who wrote this great free program calls it "Countries & Cultures Of The World".
- FREE: Country & Cultures curriculum 


Country and Cultures Lapbook

For information about lapbooking and links to more freebies, please visit Jimmie's excellent Squidoo lens!
Pretend printable passport Pretend printable passport
This printable passport has 3 PDF pages: a cover, an inner page spread with eagle graphic (like the real thing!) and room for your "personal" information as well as an inner blank page spread for your country "stamps".
Lapbook printable - prayer needs Prayer needs / Religion
This lapbook printable features folding hands and a boy in prayer. Write the prayer needs of your country inside or use the space to write about local religion(s).
lapbook booklet
Booklet cover

Booklet page 1: per capita income, jobs and responsibilities for men/boys and women/girls

Booklet page 2: time zones, famous landmarks

Booklet page 3: wild animals, pets, crops and plants

Booklet page 4: lined page for narration
Handwriting Without Tears Style
Wide Rule Style

The lapbook booklet has a current total of 5 pages. Staple the pages together and place it on a large space in your lapbook or place it in a binder pocket. You can run off extra copies of the narration page.
flag matchbook Flag matchbook
Create a flag matchbook with a lined interior for writing down facts about the flag, a country's anthem or other interesting information.
Highest point flap book Highest point flapbook
This flap book features a bar graph showing off the tallest mountains from each continent. There is room at the end for your student to enter in the information about the highest point of the country you are studying. There is also a cover graphic.
lapbook menu lapbook menu page 2
Shutterfold menu
This 2 page lapbook printable features a fold open menu. Inside there is room to write what people in a country would eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
lapbook - names Popular names booklet
Use this 3 page mini-book to write down the popular boy and girl names from the country you are studying.
lapbook - traditional clothing Traditional clothing figures & pocket
I've created 2 blank person figures for students to draw and color in traditional clothing and/or features onto. Once the people are finished, there is a pocket to make for them to go into.
lapbook postcard
Postcard & pocket
Have your students make a postcard and combine an art project with a bit of writing too! After you are done, place it in the "You've got mail" pocket.
lapbook - resources Hexagon resources
This hexagon accordion book has room to write the different types of natural resources: things that grow, animals raised for food and minerals. There is a cover graphic of an ore cart to cut & paste.
lapbook - statistics People statistics
This triangle flap book has a cover graphic as well as areas to write in information about population, average amount of children per family, life expectancy, etc.
lapbook temperature booklet Temperature booklet
Cut out these blank thermometers and make a little booklet that tells the average temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit for spring, summer, fall and winter.
lapbook timeline Accordion timeline
Use this accordion timeline to record important or interesting events about the country you are studying.
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