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More free math


Ray's Arithmetic


CSMP Materials. Grades k-6.


First Lessons in Arithmetic


NC Public Schools

DPI Instructional Services: Mathematics: Grades K-2 Resources (2003 SCS)

Centre for Innovation (UK)

Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - Mathematics Enhancement Programme

Living Math History (Lesson Plans on Right side of Page)

C1 Outline and Booklists

(Online) Math Magician

Oswego City School District Math Games

Printable Math Sheets

Free Math Worksheets

(online) Math U See

Math·U·See Drill Page

Math Worksheets to create and print (generator)



CSMP Materials
Ray's Arithmetic - Google Book Search

Spine Book teaching - making your own curriculum the easy way

In this post I have some "overviews" that can be used as a guide for you to use to teach from. Like a spine. See my other post on teaching from a spine (HERE). These are just guides, as all curricula and teacher manuals are only a tool for us to use.

The one from Heart Of Wisdom is very good. I say that because it also incorporates science and integrates Bible & Theology heavily. Which in itself should be a top priority in teaching our children at home. (See Deuteronomy 6)

All overviews and especially chronological teaching should, in my opinion, use a timeline. Some families will post one along their hallway or make a big long fold up one (accordian style).

These are mostly based on a four year rotation, as is popular in current education.

Four Year plan

Four Year plan

Four year plan

Four Year plan for high school

Four Year living book list sequence

Overview plan 1

Overview plan 2

Overview plan 3

Overview plan 4 - year by year

Overview 5

Overview  6 – editable