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Nothing out there on the net can compare to this wonderful resource and it's right here. I've spent years and years and untold hours compiling this site.

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NASA Kid's Club


Great site! This definitely one for the children in your house!

Lots here to see and do. Material for parents and teachers as well.

NASA For Kids




Free K-12 Charlotte Mason curriculum


Old Fashioned Education

A free, nearly complete k-12 Charlotte Mason curriculum online.

What a blessing this site is to homeschoolers! You can actually homeschool all grades with this site!



ALL GRADES - Scholastic has tons of resources


This site is a tremendous resource! Just click on the tab on this page that coresponds to the grade level you are looking for. It is not Christian, so history and science concepts will be inaccurate, of course, but there is still much to glean here!

High School-

Language Arts, Math, Science, social studies and more

Middle school-

Language Arts, Math, Science, social studies and more


Language Arts, Math, Science, social studies and more

Kindergarten & Preschool-

Language Arts/phonics, Math, Science, social studies and more


Scholastic: Online Activities and Interactive Learning






Fabulous freebies every Monday afternoon and then many times in between. If you subscribe to their emails, you will get special notices on their cool specials and even mega freebie weeks (or days). Every Mother's Day they have something like this and at other times during the year.

CURRCLICK - access to very cool freebies!

List of freebies & cost cutting ideas


Kind of a hodge-podge of savvy stuff that we can benefit frpom. Enjoy!


Social studies sites


The Meaning of Food

Learn about the food you eat, the food of different cultures, and how food brings people together. 


Read American folklore of all kinds: Native American myths and legends, tall tales, weather folklore, and ghost stories.

Africa for Kids 

Read African tales, listen to African music, make your own masks, and view African students' photo albums.

America's Story

The Library of Congress presents America's Story, an extensive Web site devoted to telling the stories of America's past.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

Provides an interesting overview of the United States government.

Civics Online

Find resource material for the study of civics.

Culture Quest

Offers a hodgepodge of facts about countries around the world.

France: Just for Kids

Learn about the people, government, and history of France.

Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery

Read about the challenges of their epic journey. Includes an interactive map.

Presidents of the United States

Features portraits and brief biographies of U.S. presidents.

Stately Knowledge

Find quick facts about any U.S. state.

The Vikings

Trace the history of the Vikings, with a focus on the invasion and occupation of England during the middle ages.


American Folklore 

History, Geography, Current events


Scripted People of America History Lessons.
Home School Curriculum | Free Home School Lessons for Beginners
Little City Kids. Kindy or 1st grade world history and geography. Little City Kids : Daily Lesson Plans
American Heritage. Uses teacher jargon, but is complete. Curriculum
Mosaic Introduction to World History Free Lesson Plans: Mosaic Introduction to World History Part 1: Myths, Maps, and Marvels
American History American History Curriculum


Current Events:

TIME for kids.
Time For Kids | Classroom
NY Times Learning Network. Updated daily and many archived lessons. The New York Times Learning Network

Countries and Cultures around the world. Elementary age. Countries and Cultures of the World
Sheppard Software Geography (Online) World Maps - geography online games
Discover America State by State. Uses the C is for...... book series. Gale . Discover America Series . Find Out More . Student Activities
Outline Maps Outline Maps