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Nothing out there on the net can compare to this wonderful resource and it's right here. I've spent years and years and untold hours compiling this site.

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Nice forms and such for your homeschool

Some links here to sheets or standard forms that a friend of mine, Susan, has created. She shares them freely, to be a blessing. These all honor the Lord.
Mostly they are in pdf format, which uses
Adobe Reader.

Homeschooling Helps:

Activity Sheets (66)

Attendance Sheet (18)

Australian from the Beginning Book Study (28)

Author Outline (7)

Our Bible Based Approach (29)

Book Report (9)

Book Synopsis (9)

Chapter Summary Form (9)

Devotional Journal (25)

IDEA bookmark (16)

Observation Sheet (20)

Vocabulary Sheet (9)

Labor Day Assignment (public holiday) (5)

Kerugma Bible Lessons (22)

Lesson Template (18)

General resources:

Kitchen Duties (16)

HIIT Training Plan (5)

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